For you landlocked surfers with fond memories of Venice Beach, living a new life in a Mid-western town...For you SoCal born-and-breds who flew the nest to chase your dreams...For you loyal Angelenos head over heels in love with your city... For you New Yorkers who came out west to spend a frivolous care-free summer on the beaches of Malibu in your glory days... For all you cool hippy cats who live or once lived and loved in this extraordinary place, Offley Green was created for you.

Ever since I uprooted myself from my quaint little life in England and became a Californian, I discovered the need for expressing my former life through the art on my walls. Us humans often define ourselves, and sometimes choose to express ourselves by the places we’ve called home - even if it was for just one wild and crazy summer.

Fresh off the boat, I set about collecting images of my life story. A watercolor painting of Offley Green Farmhouse (my childhood home); A black and white photograph of the old stone church in the village where I grew up; A print of the river Thames in London to mark my time living on a houseboat in my 20’s; And my favorite, a large canvas of buddhist prayer flags blowing in the wind to relive my time in Nepal as a volunteer teacher.

And as I fell in love with my new home in Southern California - I picked up my camera and started to capture the scenes and vibes I knew would be important for me to have if I ever moved my growing family away from the Golden State. We haven’t moved yet - and these new images now adorn our walls anyway - kind of like a shrine to our current hood.

So now I’m obsessed with capturing the soul of California so fellow dreamers can find the perfect image to evoke that summer once spent - the glorious few years in West Hollywood, or that happy childhood in Santa Monica.