Botanical Prints

Botanical wall art that promotes the soothing simplicity of mother nature



Transform your space with our curated botanical wall art and let the simple beauty of nature enhance your decor style.

Explore the intricacy of succulents with our succulent heart print, immerse yourself in the romantic allure of roses, lavish your senses with the serene rustic beauty of lavender or get carried away by the whimsical charm of our simple dandelion prints.

Picture of botanical framed prints on a wall behind a sofa


Botanical wall art is incredibly versatile and can enhance numerous design styles. In modern minimalist interiors, large-scale, simplistic botanical prints create a focal point without overwhelming the space. Rustic settings benefit from botanical art featuring woodsy themes and natural frames. For a bohemian style, eclectic botanical prints with vibrant colors and mixed textures add depth and interest. In Scandinavian designs, understated and serene botanical prints reinforce the clean, airy feel typical of this style.

When selecting botanical prints, consider the existing color palette and atmosphere of the room. For a harmonious look, choose artwork that incorporates some of the room’s accent colors. To make a bold statement, select contrasting colors that pop against your decor. Consider the mood you wish to evoke—soft, verdant prints can create a calming effect, while bright florals might energize the space.

Grouping botanical prints can create a dynamic visual display. Arrange smaller prints in odd numbers for balance, using a common theme or color scheme. For a gallery wall, mix sizes and orientations but keep the spacing consistent. Align the prints at their centers or bases for a cohesive look. This approach can turn an empty wall into a striking feature.

Complement botanical wall decor with actual plants to enhance the room’s natural vibe. Arrange live plants in varying heights and textures near the artwork to create depth. Incorporate natural elements like wood, stone, or wicker in your decor to echo the botanical theme, making the space feel cohesive and connected to nature.

Botanical prints can transform the psychological atmosphere of a room. Greenery and nature scenes are known to reduce stress and increase feelings of well-being. Floral prints can uplift and energize a space. The presence of botanical elements often makes a room feel more alive, inviting, and connected to the natural world.